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Top 5 Brands of 2024: A Year of Innovation, Sustainability, and Consumer Connection.

1- Ninti Hospital – Ninti Hospital is  an emerging chain of state-of-the-art hospitals committed to delivering exceptional healthcare with a blend of compassion and innovation. Ninti is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services, personalized patient care, and cutting-edge treatments.


As its first few setups it has launched a chain of cardiac centers by the name  Ninti Cardiac Care, which is the first advanced Cardiac Cath lab in the Kosi region at Bihar, embodies innovation, medical expertise & unwavering commitment to cardiac care, with heartfelt connection with consumers. The hospital is committed to provide 24X7 cardiac emergency services.


Ninti Hospital is conceptualised by Dr.Gopal Sharan,an experienced hospital administrator, having worked with many corporate hospital chains in leadership role & Mr Amit Tiwari , a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple businesses under his belt. In a year marked by progress and meaningful impact, Ninti team, which includes experienced industry names like Dr Girija Shankar, Dr Sanjeev Baisla,Mr Rakesh Dagar & Mr Raj Sehgal, continues to lead deep-rooted dedication to improving lives with their experience & pioneering medical technologies .


The group’s mission is to bring advanced healthcare services to T2 & T3 cities & the remote areas, ensuring that every individual receives the care they deserve. Ninti’s team of skilled healthcare professionals is driven by a shared commitment to everyone’s well-being, ensuring a warm and healing environment for every individual who entrusts Ninti with their health. They aspire to redefine the healthcare experience, embracing the latest advancements to foster a healthier and happier community.


2- Taab solutions – TAAB Solutions, founded by Mr. Rahul Bhatia in 2023, is a comprehensive digital solutions provider offering a wide range of services including game development, app development, website development, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing. What sets us apart is our ability to handle all aspects of digital presence under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and ensuring a cohesive brand experience. Unlike our competitors, we prioritize data-driven strategies, leveraging analytics to understand audience demographics, user behavior, and market trends. This approach allows us to deliver impactful campaigns with measurable results, ensuring a clear return on investment for our clients. At TAAB Solutions, we empower businesses with a complete digital toolkit, crafting a seamless online presence that drives tangible results.


3.Saami – Embark on a culinary journey like no other with Saami Brews, a specialty restaurant and brew house that combines the best of seafood, grills, and craft beer. Founded by industry veteran with a decade of experice who has created more than 7 fnb brands Vinita, Saami Brews is ready to expand its footprint across India. Saami Brews is the first ever speciality seafood and craft beer restaurant which bridges a huge gap in the market.  Saami is offering a strategic mix of company-owned outlets and lucrative franchise opportunities.Our company-owned outlets showcase our commitment to quality and customer experience, setting the standard for excellence in every dish and brew. Meanwhile, our franchise module empowers foodpreneurs to step into a profitable and renowned brand, with comprehensive support and a proven business model that guarantees name, fame, and profits.


Join us in shaping the future of culinary excellence and entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re passionate about owning a flagship outlet or exploring the world of franchising, Saami Brews invites you to be part of a thriving journey towards gastronomic innovation and business growth.


Discover the perfect blend of taste, tradition, and entrepreneurship with Saami Brews. Visit us today and savor the essence of culinary excellence and profitability.



4- Hyyzo – With the motto of making shopping budget-friendly, Hyyzo was launched on 1 April 2022. Within just two years, it has emerged as the highest cashback website in India.


Catering to more than 20 categories ranging from food to travel and fashion, through 200+ stores like Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra etc., Hyyzo has helped more than 1.5 million users save on online shopping. With a never ending list of cashback offers, irresistible deals and engaging tasks, Hyyzo lets you shop and save at the same time. 


The platform has recently introduced a unique feature “Share & Earn with Profit Link” that lets you create your own links and share it with friends, family and followers to earn passive income.


Raising a seed capital of $1 million in 2023 from angel investors, the platform aims to solidify its position as the go-to destination for smart shoppers across India.


5- Roadserve – At Roadserve, we’re more than a company; we’re a dedicated team committed to transforming automotive care with heart. With over 50,000 loyal customers and 2200+ skilled mechanics nationwide, we grow together, driven by trust and loyalty. Led by our Founder & CEO, Aman Gupta, and CMO, Rahul Yelligetti, our mission is to deliver unmatched service excellence and reliability, earning your trust every step of the way. Now, with 200+ garages and venturing into car servicing aggregation, we’re expanding our family to ensure your journey is seamless and stress-free. Because at Roadserve, it’s not just about cars; it’s about caring for you.

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