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Kauvery Hospital rewards its best employees through a unique initiative called the “Flying Angels” program.

The role of hospital employees in patient care is often overlooked, and in an effort to recognize and reward them for the vital role they play, Kauvery Hospital has come out with a unique initiative called the “Flying Angels” program.

1st April , 2024: Kauvery Hospitals, a leading multi-specialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, runs a unique employee-reward initiative called the “Flying Angels” that was launched in the year 2019. This is one of Kauvery Hospital’s outstanding employee-reward initiatives, which demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment while creating pleasant and lasting memories for the employees.

At an event held in 2019, the management posed a question to the employees asking “how many of you have flown in an airplane” and the responses they received prompted them to initiate the flight trip program called the “Flying Angels”. 

Under the program, a cohort of the best hospital employees from the Kauvery Hospitals from various locations are invited to experience a chance to fly to a popular destination. Throughout their excursion, they engage in enlightening discussions with top management personnel, embark on sightseeing excursions, participate in engaging games, and indulge in delectable cuisine, fostering camaraderie and relaxation amongst colleagues. The hospital graciously covers all expenses, including local travel, sightseeing, meals, and shopping, ensuring a worry-free and enriching experience.

To date, six such programs have been successfully executed, involving nurses, ambulance drivers, housekeeping staff, and 5S employees. For many, this journey represents the realization of a long-held dream, marked by moments of pure excitement and profound emotion. It remains a cherished memory for all who participated, a testament to the enduring bond shared among lovable staff on a truly memorable day.

As one nurse puts it: “It was a different experience mingling with colleagues from other Kauvery locations, and we bonded well sharing our feelings with each other. We felt like members of one big family and that was exciting”. 

“As ambulance drivers, we are always alert and attending to phone calls on the move, but for the first time I experienced a relaxed and free time without the disturbance of phone calls!”, said an ambulance driver joyfully recounting his experience.

“I had not even crossed the borders of my hometown, so flying on an airplane was an absolute dream-come-true for me” said one housekeeping staff. “It was a happy, spell-bound moment for me flying up there in an airplane with the lovely sky above and the beautiful clouds below us”, said Jyoti happily reminiscing about the experience.

Each one’s experience of the program was different, but they all agreed that it was a totally joyful, memorable trip and profusely thanked the hospital for the opportunity and honour.

Speaking about the program Dr S Manivannan said that the contribution of the employees to the success of the hospital has been significant, and this program was initiated to recognise and reward them and literally take them to great heights. 

The success of the Flying Angels program assures that it is indeed a step in the right direction!

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