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Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems & Management Launches Young Diplomatic Club

March 22, 2024 – Hyderabad, India: Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management (VVISM) proudly inaugurated the Young Diplomatic Club on March 22, 2024, marking a significant milestone in fostering diplomatic discourse and global engagement. The event, held at VVISM’s campus, witnessed the presence of distinguished guests and luminaries from the diplomatic arena.


The highlight of the launch was an enlightening expert talk delivered by Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra, Honorary Chairman of The Diplomatic Club. Dr. Vohra’s address, themed “VIKSIT BHARAT @ 2047,” delved into various facets of India’s evolving global role and its journey towards prosperity and leadership in the coming decades.


Dr. Vohra’s insightful address covered a range of topics relating to India’s emerging role on the global stage, including its rising economic and military power, spiritual and cultural influence, human capital advantages, and technology-driven progress. Key points highlighted India’s remarkable achievements in improving quality of life, reducing poverty, and expanding infrastructure over recent decades. From the transformation post-COVID to the nation’s economic prowess, Dr. Vohra painted a vivid picture of India’s journey towards becoming a global powerhouse. The address also touched upon pivotal aspects such as India’s unprecedented progress in vital developmental indices and its burgeoning youth demographic, among others. Dr. Vohra underscored India’s rising influence in global affairs, citing instances of exemplary diplomatic interventions and the nation’s increasing cultural and spiritual influence worldwide.


Furthermore, Dr. Vohra’s discourse highlighted India’s growing stature as a preferred destination for investment, innovation, and collaboration, drawing attention to the nation’s vibrant startup ecosystem, infrastructural advancements, and technological prowess. “India has transformed itself from facing humiliation and foreign aid dependence in the mid-20th century to becoming the world’s third-largest economy by 2026, with an exploding stock market and high FDI inflows,” stated Dr. Vohra. He emphasized India’s growing self-confidence, collective self-esteem and “Naya Bharat” assertiveness in diplomacy and international affairs.


The event was graced by Dr. Murthy Deverabhotla, President of The Diplomatic Club; Dr. Tasneem Sharif, Secretary General of The Diplomatic Club; Dr. Usha Yanamandra, Dy Secretary General of The Diplomatic Club; as well as Dr. Y Lakshman Kumar- Director of VVISM, Dr. Jayashree V-Associate Dean of VVISM, and esteemed faculty, staff, and students of the institute.


The launch of the Young Diplomatic Club at VVISM stands as a testament to the institute’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in diplomacy and international relations. By providing a platform for insightful discussions and fostering a spirit of global citizenship among its students, VVISM aims to contribute to India’s journey towards becoming a global leader in the 21st century. The Young Diplomatic Club aims to engage students and youth in discussions on India’s global role and diplomacy.

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