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Tomorrow Sees the Launch of BYD Seal EV in India; Here’s a Brief Overview of the E-Sedan

<p>The leading EV producer, Build Your Dreams In other words, BYD, which has surpassed Tesla in terms of international sales, is prepared to introduce its very advanced electric car, Seal, in India. Following the all-electric e6 and the Atto 3, this will be the third product available on the market.</p>
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<p>BYD has already begun accepting reservations for the same. Customers who are interested may reserve the four-wheeler for a symbolic payment of Rs 1 lakh, which is totally refundable. Bookings may be made online via the official website or via the company’s authorized dealership.</p>
<p><strong>Everything Regarding BYD Seal</strong><br />
The car’s characteristics have not been disclosed by the firm yet, but rumors suggest that it will include a lengthy list of cutting-edge innovations that are unique to the class.</p>
<p><strong>Anticipated Cost</strong><br />
According to reports, the battery-powered vehicle is estimated to cost between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 65 lakh (ex-showroom) when it arrives in the country. This is just conjecture, however, since it is anticipated that the specifics will be revealed during the debut tomorrow.</p>
<p>Regarding the design, there are many visual similarities between the BYD and the Porsche Taycan, suggesting that the two vehicles were somewhat inspired by each other. It has boomerang-shaped LED DRLs and a matching LED headlamp.</p>
<p><strong>Features</strong><br />
The vehicle is probably going to have a striking appearance when it hits the road and be equipped with chic diamond-cut alloy wheels. The sport flush door handles, the sloping roofline, the automated boot lid, and other amenities are among the major standout elements.</p>
<p><strong>Configuration of Batteries</strong><br />
Under the hood, Seal will be available with 61.4kWh and 82.5kWh battery capacities. The latter will be available with an all-wheel-drive option, while the former will have a single or twin-motor layout. The larger battery is anticipated to provide a maximum power output of 523 horsepower and an amazing 700 kilometers of range on a single charge.</p>

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