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What went wrong when YouTube went down for more than 20 minutes?

<p>The free video-sharing website YouTube has been unavailable for some time. The news broke when a number of people expressed their concerns on social media and on the real-time outage monitoring and alerting platform Downdetector. The outcry began at approximately 3 PM IST, and nearly 100 users reported problems.</p>
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<p>What went wrong when YouTube went down for more than 20 minutes?<br />
What went incorrectly?<br />
By approximately 3 PM IST, 80% of users were having trouble uploading and viewing videos to YouTube, according to Downdetector. It’s unclear, though, if this issue with YouTube is limited to Indian users or affects users worldwide.</p>
<p>Users and content creators discussed the worrying issue on X, which was formerly known as Twitter.</p>
<p>“Any YouTube Server Down or any other issues, please clarify,” X user wrote. I stream live and post shorts, but nothing appears in YT Studio or the channel.” The hashtags for Youtube Down, Youtube Creators, and Youtube India were highlighted by the user.</p>

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